Launched in 2002 by Michael Parson, Parson Research is a graphic design studio with specialization's in type design and illustration. Initially focused on print design, the skills of Parson Research grew rapidly to cover a growing demand for cross media work, from internet websites to TV animations or vehicle liveries.

Currently based in Geneva, Parson Research has remained a small studio dedicated at delivering creative solutions for all clients while respecting deadlines and budgets. We believe design is not just about pretty pictures, but more about extracting the best possible solution for every demand.

Founded in 2002 by Michael Parson, Typogama is a digital type foundry focused on creating original, innovative typeface designs. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Typogama produces font designs for it’s own growing catalogue but equally working on custom font creations for various clients.

Following a first success with the Taketype® contest at Linotype; the Typogama catalogue has taken the route of distribution through larger foundries, by joining the T26 catalogue with an ever growing portfolio of styles.

Born in Geneva, Switzerland to British parents, Michael Parson had the great joy of growing up in the lovely surroundings of the ‘smallest city in the world’.

During his early years; Michael plunged head first into the world of individual sports firstly as a BMX rider and later as a kart racer, reaching the world championships as both a junior and senior driver. Undoubtedly influenced by the heavily branded world of sports, Michael quickly found a new passion in the form of graphic design and would spend countless hours drawing away in his notebooks, designing team logos or helmet designs.

At the age of 18 and having finally found access to the possibilities of computers, he embarked on a new challenge of making a career of his new found passion. After 4 years of design studies in the region, Michael finally set up his own studio in the Paquis neighborhood where he has continued to expand his skills and services for his own joy & hopefully those of his clients!